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Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm
Date: Wednesdays, 10 Nov to 1 Dec
Where: Castlemaine Community House
Instructor: Eleni Rivers

In this class we will explore contrast which is often the very thing that makes a painting more interesting. The more different or opposite something is in comparison with something else determines the level of contrast. This applies in composition, in colour, in textures and in tone.

Subject matter will look to aspects of nature and may include one class outdoors. Sessions include many tutor demonstrations, plus discussion.

In this course you will have the opportunity to:

• Learn watercolour techniques such as washes, wet in wet, dry brush

• Gain more confidence through more brush practice and learn how to use other materials with watercolour paints – i.e. – pencil, crayons, salt and masking fluid.

• Discover fresh ways to create light-filled, transparent paintings

All levels are very welcome, from beginner to those with more experience!

For the first class, please bring:

  • Small tube of Cobalt blue or Ultramarine watercolour
  • Size 12 round watercolour brush
  • 1 large, or several small sheets of 185gsm watercolour paper (suggest Canson).
  • If you already have materials, bring those along.

Additional materials such as watercolours will be discussed in the first class.

Proof of vaccination is required to participate in this course

Date: Wednesdays, 10 November to 1 December (4 sessions)
Time: 9.30am to 12.30pm
Cost: $180

Facilitator: Eleni Rivers

Eleni is a professional artist and teacher who has taught art classes for over 25 years in colleges, corporations and communities. She holds a MFA in Arts and Consciousness from JFK University, Berkeley, California as well as several degrees in Fine Arts from colleges in Australia.

Now based in Castlemaine, Eleni continues to explore in her painting themes of nature and mythology within the Australian landscape.