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Time: 9.00am - 12.00pm
Date: Sunday 17 October
Where: The Forge Castlemaine - 341 Barker St
Instructor: Julieta Mateo

In 2020 we spent a lot of time sitting glued to our computers, eyes focused forward, neck and shoulders hunched and tense, belly and diaphragm contracted, and breathing shallow. Now is the time to address non-beneficial physical postures and patterns, as well as accumulated tensions and emotions, because not only can they hamper physical and emotional recovery capacity, they can affect the immune system, creating patterns of emotional pain in the body and increasing susceptibility to disease.

The Feldenkrais Method offers you a new lens for viewing the mixed messages your brain is giving and receiving as it tries to navigate old hurts, new fears, and constant reactions to our ever-changing world, and how these messages can cause much pain and physical discomfort.

The way you move in your life, your posture and the usual stresses, are the result of your brain constantly telling your body a particular story through sensations. Through subtle movements, you can transform “that story” and calm the nervous system, increase self-awareness, expand the repertoire of movements, and improve flexibility, balance, and endurance.

We have come to a completely new understanding of the brain and nervous system that begins with an awareness of habitual postures and retention patterns in the body. When the whole body cooperates in the movement, and when maximum efficiency is achieved with minimal effort, you get the energy to unleash the creativity and intuition that is in you.

Date: Sunday 17 October
Time: 9.00am – 12.00pm
Cost: $99 (Full) / $80 (Concession or Early Bird Discount. EBD available until 30 September)

Facilitator: Julieta Mateo

From Argentina via Spain she is passionate with life, and in constant exploration towards effortless movement. She is a qualified Yoga Teacher with more than 15 years of experience in teaching from a Somatic approach.

Trained in Classical &Vinyasa Yoga, and certified as a ATM Feldenkrais Practitioner. Julieta has a background in physical Theatre and Improv Theatre are always enriching her collective classes with spontaneity and connection with the present moment. Recently moved to Australia leading workshops around the world combining Yoga, Improv Theatre and Feldenkrais techniques.

Her passion is to share and explore these new perspectives of thinking, sensing and moving, embracing the natural instinct that lives in everyone, allowing access to a better quality of life. More info: