Learn to grow, harvest, steep and store beautiful and nourishing herbal teas in this 5-week course for women.

We will cover the basics of:

  • Propagating and growing herbal teas, including perennial and annual varieties.
  • Understanding how herbs and flowers benefit the health of your garden and your body alike.
  • Deciding which herbs are right for you and your garden.

This course will provide you with skills and resources to plan and plant a flourishing herbal tea garden. Students will receive an assortment of fresh and dried herbs, as well as some seeds and seedlings to get started at home.

On top of weekly content, in each session we will focus on the ‘what/when/how/why’s of different herbs and flowers, and enjoy them, brewed in some delicious tea to share!




This course is funded by the Adult, Community and Further Education – Work Ready Women Program.