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Hey there! I hope everyone is gearing up for the colder months; our garden has fully transitioned to autumn! Our volunteers have been hard at work in the Composting Project at the Community Garden. We have used our own compost as fertiliser in the garden beds before planting winter crops. Huge thanks to the legendary local team of YIMBY Compost for guiding and inspiring us. A big shoutout to our volunteers who organised and brought in two trailer loads of horse manure from a local source, watered with care, and turned the compost periodically over the last few months.

The composting bay is now open to the public for contributing food scraps to the compost piles; we currently have two different bays. There are signs indicating which one is open for adding more food scraps and the other for compost maturing. Composting is a simple yet powerful practice that transforms organic waste into rich soil. Instead of discarding food scraps into landfills where they emit harmful greenhouse gases, we feed millions of microorganisms in the garden.

Unfortunately, our beloved WORM FARM IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED as we are currently working on repairing and restoring it. We need a new mesh to make it functional again, so please refrain from adding any food scraps until it is reopened. If any worm farm experts are willing to share some advice with us, it would be greatly appreciated.

Together, we will continue to work towards sustainability. Join us and make positive changes in our community.