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Jorgé spent his childhood in the fields with his grandparents, in the North of Spain. Growing food, raising animals, and foraging in the forest formed the foundation of his understanding of the profound benefits of connecting with nature—benefits that extend to mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This passion has a strongly impacted his career as a social worker, working in food security and therapeutic farming.

Jorgé views the Community Kitchen Garden not merely as a place to cultivate plants, but as a space to nurture compassion, cooperation, social justice, solidarity, and cultural diversity; building a collective future co-existing with Mother Earth.

Over the years, Jorge has conducted workshops, sharing his expertise in crafting natural products like soaps and balms, as well as beekeeping. He also loves creative activities, making things with his hands, working with natural materials such as wood or leather.

Currently living in Guildford, Jorgé has been humbled by the opportunity to live on Dja Dja Wurrung Country for over three years. He finds joy in tending to his beautiful garden, caring for bees, and the calm of walking in the bush.